“Beware: some liers tell the truth” (c)
Well, today I made up my mind to travel to work by bus. Yes, that's true. Mostly, yes, I take a taxi, a cab I mean. But having woken up today in the morning I realized that Iwas in the mood for thinking. Travelling on foot is the greatest means for thinking, reasoning. But the level of snow was too high and too impassable to get to work in time.Work, work... I know I keep repeating this word but I have never told you about my work. And never will. For a while at least.
So well...I was thinking on my way to work, sitting in a bus by the window, staring outside. I thought about thoses times when London had been in the epoch of the 18th-19th century. I missed that time. The time Ihad never witnessed. Really. I would give anything for just a moment of that life. I had watched many black and white chronicals ofthat time. And it was superb. That time. I realized how much we had lost. That nowadays there are no inventors, Real ones who revolved the society and the world. The worldof common things and common people. I would love to witness those moments. You know we don't have anything outstanding today, do we?
We have almost everything: cell phones computers, laptops, all these popular Apple things. They are constantly changing. People change their looks, their inside things. Butthere's nothing so incredible like those firsy films, shown in 1895 by Lumiere brothers which scared poor people to death. Now we have everything and still have nothing.Nothing interesting to fire up our lives. It's really becoming too boring to live in such a world. I feel I really need something out of...out of... ordinariness. I usually find a shelterfrom this boring cruel world in reading books that completely grab me.
What's next I was thinking of while sitting by the window is people. You are traveling looking at people moving to and fro, crossing roads and bridges. In good moods and bad ones, happy and sad, satisfied with life and not. Look! A small man is standing at a bus stop, puzzled, at a loss. What's with this chap? What has happened? Does he have a family? Parents? Relatives? What's his profession? Oh, that's my station. I;m leaving the place of thinking. Now I have to concentrate...

Have YOU ever tough of anything like that?
p.s. I haven't noticed at first but my story shifted from past to present. Maybe Tenses do matter, tenses...times...