a note from my diary...

“Beware: some liers tell the truth” (c)
the * of October, and it's Friday. And it's the awfulest day I've ever had! And you know why? I just left my cell phone at home. Yees, it may sound funny and stupid but it was very stupid of me to leave it at home. I felt it when I was heading for work and wondered what time it was. I rarely wear watches and it's my cell phone that shows me time. I put my hand into the pocket and the time stopped. Because it was no time. for me. I didn't know if I was late for work or not and it put me in the worst mood. I wanted to burst into tears. Fortunately I was not late. My mood became a bit better. Then I had a break for lunch. And depression came back. It was a hard day and hard work and I was completely exhausted and I couldn't even have my say. If I had my phone I could access the internet and tell everything I felt online somewhere in twitter or facebook...but I was devoid of this opportunity.
Finally my working day was over and I wondered along the street. I was walking and walking and walking and I get lost. I had never been in that part of the city, it was gloomy and frightening, and I understood that I didn't know where I could find a cab and a thought came to me that if somebody attacked me now and hit with a knife I wouldn't have a slightest chance to be saved because I couldn't call an ambulance or police and I couldn't call a cab now. I had no cell phone. And someone might have called me...My friends! They were sure seeking me! I ran forward and found a road. A single cab was driving along. I gave a sign. It stopped and I got into the car and was back home in 30 minutes. I ran up to my bed and I took my cell phone in my hand and...
there were no missed calls. Noone phoned me...sure...i had no friends...

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