“Beware: some liers tell the truth” (c)
My name is Lucifer Lie. No, I don't lie, I mean it's my real surname. Anyway I'm not sure you will manage to find a perfectly honest man in such an unstable and cruel world.
So, here am I. I'm almost 32 years old and I am a very handsome gentleman. You would say I am an egoist. I won't deny the fact. It's a true fact. I'm tall and rather well-built with dark curly hair and penetrating green eyes. They are of rare beauty. Everyone says that. And I agree. Unfortunately I can't say whether they are of my mom's or of my dad's or my own. I don't remember them. no, not eyes, my parents. But...let bygones be bygones.
So I'm an extremely handsome man.
I live in London. I've lived there for all my long life.I live on Cheshire Street, 13. Oh, please! don't bother yourselves trying to find my location on any map. There's no such street in London and moreover Englishmen are too supersticious to have a number 13 on the walls of their own houses. you may wonder if I'm not an Englishman? Perhaps, you are right. I can't say that for sure. Because I'm not sure and I don't know and don't want to know. I don't want to belong to any nationality or race or religion. I am just who I am and I'm happy with it. And by the way I won't say you who I am. I'm on secret service. Top secret. Very top.
What else to tell you? Oh yes. I am a bachelor. I just can't imagine myself being married. It's such a loss of identity. But I don't mind at all sharing my house with a roommate. I may seem a boring person spending so much time in my secret lab. Yes, a secret lab. So it's rather difficult for me to find an appropriate person who won't poke his nose into my business. and my secrets.
Well I think I've said enough. Now it's time for me to leave you.
and leave you a clue as to Lie in Stories.You see there will perhaps be stories about me, Lie and me, Lie will perhaps be the main character. But also..."Lie in..." sound alike with an adjective 'lying'-not true. But will they be true stories or lying stories I leave it for you to decide.

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