It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.(c)

sleep, I need some sleep

“Beware: some liers tell the truth” (c)
this night I woke up at 4 o'clock. Instead of 7.30. Pathologically was afraid to oversleep. was hard to fall asleep again. I should go to work now, but I am a zombie. . .


By the window...

“Beware: some liers tell the truth” (c)
Well, today I made up my mind to travel to work by bus. Yes, that's true. Mostly, yes, I take a taxi, a cab I mean. But having woken up today in the morning I realized that Iwas in the mood for thinking. Travelling on foot is the greatest means for thinking, reasoning. But the level of snow was too high and too impassable to get to work in time.Work, work... I know I keep repeating this word but I have never told you about my work. And never will. For a while at least.
So well...I was thinking on my way to work, sitting in a bus by the window, staring outside. I thought about thoses times when London had been in the epoch of the 18th-19th century. I missed that time. The time Ihad never witnessed. Really. I would give anything for just a moment of that life. I had watched many black and white chronicals ofthat time. And it was superb. That time. I realized how much we had lost. That nowadays there are no inventors, Real ones who revolved the society and the world. The worldof common things and common people. I would love to witness those moments. You know we don't have anything outstanding today, do we?
We have almost everything: cell phones computers, laptops, all these popular Apple things. They are constantly changing. People change their looks, their inside things. Butthere's nothing so incredible like those firsy films, shown in 1895 by Lumiere brothers which scared poor people to death. Now we have everything and still have nothing.Nothing interesting to fire up our lives. It's really becoming too boring to live in such a world. I feel I really need something out of...out of... ordinariness. I usually find a shelterfrom this boring cruel world in reading books that completely grab me.
What's next I was thinking of while sitting by the window is people. You are traveling looking at people moving to and fro, crossing roads and bridges. In good moods and bad ones, happy and sad, satisfied with life and not. Look! A small man is standing at a bus stop, puzzled, at a loss. What's with this chap? What has happened? Does he have a family? Parents? Relatives? What's his profession? Oh, that's my station. I;m leaving the place of thinking. Now I have to concentrate...

Have YOU ever tough of anything like that?
p.s. I haven't noticed at first but my story shifted from past to present. Maybe Tenses do matter, tenses...times...


a note from my diary...

“Beware: some liers tell the truth” (c)
the * of October, and it's Friday. And it's the awfulest day I've ever had! And you know why? I just left my cell phone at home. Yees, it may sound funny and stupid but it was very stupid of me to leave it at home. I felt it when I was heading for work and wondered what time it was. I rarely wear watches and it's my cell phone that shows me time. I put my hand into the pocket and the time stopped. Because it was no time. for me. I didn't know if I was late for work or not and it put me in the worst mood. I wanted to burst into tears. Fortunately I was not late. My mood became a bit better. Then I had a break for lunch. And depression came back. It was a hard day and hard work and I was completely exhausted and I couldn't even have my say. If I had my phone I could access the internet and tell everything I felt online somewhere in twitter or facebook...but I was devoid of this opportunity.
Finally my working day was over and I wondered along the street. I was walking and walking and walking and I get lost. I had never been in that part of the city, it was gloomy and frightening, and I understood that I didn't know where I could find a cab and a thought came to me that if somebody attacked me now and hit with a knife I wouldn't have a slightest chance to be saved because I couldn't call an ambulance or police and I couldn't call a cab now. I had no cell phone. And someone might have called me...My friends! They were sure seeking me! I ran forward and found a road. A single cab was driving along. I gave a sign. It stopped and I got into the car and was back home in 30 minutes. I ran up to my bed and I took my cell phone in my hand and...
there were no missed calls. Noone phoned me...sure...i had no friends...

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I am who I am...

“Beware: some liers tell the truth” (c)
My name is Lucifer Lie. No, I don't lie, I mean it's my real surname. Anyway I'm not sure you will manage to find a perfectly honest man in such an unstable and cruel world.
So, here am I. I'm almost 32 years old and I am a very handsome gentleman. You would say I am an egoist. I won't deny the fact. It's a true fact. I'm tall and rather well-built with dark curly hair and penetrating green eyes. They are of rare beauty. Everyone says that. And I agree. Unfortunately I can't say whether they are of my mom's or of my dad's or my own. I don't remember them. no, not eyes, my parents. But...let bygones be bygones.
So I'm an extremely handsome man.
I live in London. I've lived there for all my long life.I live on Cheshire Street, 13. Oh, please! don't bother yourselves trying to find my location on any map. There's no such street in London and moreover Englishmen are too supersticious to have a number 13 on the walls of their own houses. you may wonder if I'm not an Englishman? Perhaps, you are right. I can't say that for sure. Because I'm not sure and I don't know and don't want to know. I don't want to belong to any nationality or race or religion. I am just who I am and I'm happy with it. And by the way I won't say you who I am. I'm on secret service. Top secret. Very top.
What else to tell you? Oh yes. I am a bachelor. I just can't imagine myself being married. It's such a loss of identity. But I don't mind at all sharing my house with a roommate. I may seem a boring person spending so much time in my secret lab. Yes, a secret lab. So it's rather difficult for me to find an appropriate person who won't poke his nose into my business. and my secrets.
Well I think I've said enough. Now it's time for me to leave you.
and leave you a clue as to Lie in Stories.You see there will perhaps be stories about me, Lie and me, Lie will perhaps be the main character. But also..."Lie in..." sound alike with an adjective 'lying'-not true. But will they be true stories or lying stories I leave it for you to decide.

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